At this time DFWPro is suspending all operations due to the Texas heat and the lack of play. We will not be charging membership dues and will hopefully resume operations in the fall.  Thank you -DFWPro.

Welcome to the new and improved DFWPro!

Not only have we changed our park format we have also changed the whole design of the site.  Just like we hope the new members only format makes for the most enjoyable game experience we also hope that the new site makes planning and discussing paintball at DFWPro that much more enjoyable too.  Browse around, make yourself at home, and enjoy the new site.  We will be making additions and improvements along the way to make it even that much better.

Thanks to all who came out on the 30th, it was a great success. Now that we have ironed out most of the details we are almost ready to allow our charter members to start running the park. We will be moving the last few necessities from the barn to the container this week, and also ordering the ID maker.  Please be sure to read the FAQs if you have any questions, and if it is not covered there please post on the forums.  We look forward to seeing the park open often, and full of members.

So why members only?

We have been asked many times by players that have come to the field and I felt the need to put it out there for all to see. I hope in reading this you see not only the answer to “why” but our vision for DFW Pro’s future.

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