Look here for the answers to all of the questions you may have about our new members only program.  If you have a question that is not answered here feel free to contact us.

Q: How much is a membership?
A: Currently memberships are $20 per month plus a $20 application fee to issue you your player ID card, and get your account setup.  These prices are subject to change at any time, but once you are a member you will stay at the same monthly dues as long as your membership stays active.

Q: How do I become a member?
A: Memberships are currently only open to people that have played at our park.  Our goal in going to a members only approach is to offer the ultimate paintball experience.  In order to do this we need to make sure that you will fit in with our current members.  If you have never played at our park, but are interested in membership, then you will need to attend a play date as a guest of a current member.  If you do not know any current members simply post on the forums in the “Need a sponsor” section.  Many of our members are willing to sponsor players that are looking to join us.

Q: Can I play if I am not a member?
A: If you are not a member of the park you can attend ONE time as a guest of another member to determine if you wish to become a member of the park.  If you do not know any current members simply register on our forums, and post requesting a sponsor.  Many of our members are willing to volunteer to show new players the park and how we operate.  After you visit as a guest you will need to register as a member to continue to play at the park.  There are two exceptions to this rule; any scenarios, tournaments, or other special events that would be open to the general public, and private parties. Our group rate for private/birthday/corporate parties is $50 per player with a minimum of 20 players. We provide all the equipment needed to play and game referees. We also include 1,000 paintballs per player which should last all day. The play time will be from 10am-4pm. If you don’t have 20 players you can do less but the price will still be $1,000.

Q: What do I get for my membership fee?
A: You will have access to play at the park on any date that it is open to members by any charter member.  You will also have the ability to bring up to TWO guests with you on any date that you come.  Charter members have the ability to open the park seven days a week, and we fully expect that once all of our charter members are trained and comfortable with the program that the park will be open most, if not all, Saturdays and Sundays for members.

Q: Do I need to complete any other forms?
A: Yes, we need an active waiver from every player each year.  You can download, print, and complete a waiver HERE, and bring it with you to the field the next time you come.

Q: What is a charter member?
A: A charter member has all of the perks of membership, but they also have the ability to open and run the park on any day they choose, blackout dates excluded.

Q: How do I become a charter member?
A: Charter members are chosen by the staff.  If you have an interest in becoming a charter member then we recommend contacting either staff members, or current charter members, for mentoring.  We will show you the requirements and responsibilities of a charter member, and also delegate some of our tasks to you, so that we can see if you are truly interested and qualified.

Q: Which paints are allowed?
A: Any Draxxus (DXS) Eco-Fill or DFT-Fuse paint, you can purchase DXS paint from Assassin Sports, which is owned by one of our Charter Members, Touareg.  Order your paint online by clicking here to create a DFW Pro Member Paintball Account. Your paint will be brought to the field at 9am on the morning of the open play date (Please be there promptly).  When ordering please put in comments field what date you are attending a DFW Pro Open Play Date or email sales@assassinssports.com with date. Please try to order 3-4 days in advance to secure your paint, however, Touareg will usually have extra cases of paint on his truck.  (Prices are comparable to that of local Pro shops. All orders will include tax but will be brought to park free of charge.)

If you forget to order paint, DXS can also be found at Paintball Player Supply in Lake Worth and Paintball Doctor in Grand Prairie/Dallas.  Both stores close at appox. 6pm on Friday and open at appox. 10 am on Saturday mornings.

Acceptable Draxxus Paints: